Hi! I’m Bhamini, a software professional by the day and a blogger by choice. Thanks for stopping by at Sail Trail Tales.

Travel, food and photography interest me the most. Join me in my journey of delving into enriching experiences of  exploring the unexplored.

Being an amateur photographer and a budding model, I’m unable to choose between clicking or getting clicked.  Nothing excites me more than traveling. I hail from New Delhi. Based out of Bengaluru currently. I envision myself traveling across the globe. Having visited 17 states and 3 union territories in India. From para-sailing in Manali to scuba diving in Spain, from rafting in Rishikesh to trekking in Abstatt, from sea walking and snorkeling at Krabi to visiting an uninhibited island in Gujarat, from early morning walk in Tuscany to a beachside bonfire  on a moonlit night in Goa, I have done it all but I know it does not end here. The traveler in me does not get satiated. During my 6 month stay in Germany, I visited 7 countries despite a 5 day work week. My childhood dream is to host a travel show. The desire of blogging stems from being passionate about traveling, food and photography.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog-posts.

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