Communiti isn’t difficult to spot, thanks to the catchy font and a king-size glow sign board. It is one the best restaurants to visit at the city center. It’s located at Residency Road, Bangalore. Consider yourself lucky if get to enter without any waiting. The first time we visited Communiti a few months ago on a late Saturday evening, we were put off on hearing the duration of time we would have had to wait to enter. I’m glad that we visited again.   True to its name, Communiti has something to offer to everyone with various seating options – outdoor zone, the indoor setting for a large group, low seating box or a peaceful air-conditioned setting. Lighting is uniquely done and looks perfect.

Visited Communiti on an early Sunday evening. The food is delicious. Wood-fired pizza is worth a special mention. We could see the dough being freshly prepared at the counter and were tempted to order a farmhouse pizza and a BBQ chicken variant. Pepper glazed chicken is delicious, so does paprika BBQ wings. Home-made nachos taste a bit bland. Pepper chicken tastes perfect. Cheese and citrus skewers taste different than the regular pineapple cheese combo. Devilled egg with spicy peanuts tastes average. It has an in-house brewery which wasn’t functional during our visit. It would resume within a week or something. The service is lightning fast.

The smoking room is worth a mention. It’s very creatively set up, unlike the small and dingy ones found everywhere.  I usually can’t stand the sight of the smoking rooms or corners at most places even if it is in an open-air setting. It is suitable for eating out for any age-group. Communiti is the place to be at whether you like to enjoy a meal while listening to soothing music or alongside loud music and friendly chatter. Though the varied arrangements maker each set-up stand out, the common goal remains the same – to have a good time while you are there.  I have added Communiti to the list of my favorites and would definitely visit it again.

Food – 4.5

Ambiance – 4.5

Service – 4.0

Overall – 4.5

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