Microlight flying has been on my mind for quite some time now. A microlight aircraft can carry up to two people. Short take-off and landing capabilities make it ideal for recreational purposes. I flew in one as a co-pilot this month as suggested by my cousin, Suvriti who is an aerospace enthusiast. It was one of the best experiences so far. I reached Jakkur Aerodrome early on a Saturday morning just in time for the slot I had opted for. I was thrilled throughout – right from taxing the plane on the runway to taking off.

The pilot, Mr. Aravind is jovial. It is amazing to cruise through the clouds. Controlling the flight seemed easier than I had thought. The best part was to turn the flight towards left on the instruction of the pilot.   He also let me experience the free fall for a split second.  I could not have ever imagined that I would be able to land smoothly. The 10-minute ride seemed to be too short. It left me feeling that I should have booked a 20-minute slot instead of 10.

I would like to return for another round soon. As I pen down this post, few of my friends and cousins tried it as well and thoroughly liked the experience. More options like flying in a Cessna, paramotoring, and parasailing are also available.

For booking a slot, check out http://www.myflying.in/

For any queries, reach out to the organizer: Mr. Nithin – 9035003434