The year 2018 started with a trip to Kerala. I used to wonder why has it been bestowed the title of God’s own country. Only during my recent visits to Kerala did I realize what it has to offer. It is a perfect blend of beaches, backwaters, mountains, wildlife – whatever may be the personal choice of travelers. The lush greenery is soothing. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in South India. Being based out of Bangalore for the past five years, I have visited various parts of Kerala and there is still a lot to explore. It is hard to pick a favorite place.

Bangalore to Kochi is about 50 odd minutes by air. If you travel during the daytime, you get a glimpse of Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The aerial view of the magnificent Nilgiris is fascinating if the sky is clear. Kochi is called the Queen of the Arabian sea. Kochi is a mix of the modern and the rustic. We headed to Fort Kochi upon our arrival. Fort Kochi is one of the most famous places in Kochi. It is a water-bound region also known as Old Kochi, because that’s where the colonizers landed.

The beach is not ideal for swimming. Chinese fishing nets can be seen around the coast. One could sit along the piers to enjoy the sight. There are multiple art cafés in Fort Kochi. Kashi art café, Mocha art café, Fusion bay etc. are few of my favorites.  Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Jewish Synagogue etc. are some of the most popular tourist attractions. Though there are multiple international airports in Kerala, Cochin International Airport is one of the busiest. It is well connected by road and rail.

Kochi is the heart of God’s own country. It is Kerala’s melting pot. The street art at Fort Kochi speaks for itself.  It offers delicious dishes – meen curry, ghee roast, mango chicken curry with appam etc. From spice markets to the sunsets, Kochi is treat for all the sense. Add Kochi to you bucket list if you haven’t visited it yet.